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Sherly. Reads too much; though it's all good, really.

Harry Potter freak. Mad Wholockian. I find joy in the oddest of things sometimes, because I'm just that awkward.

Saved by grace.


I love the fact that all it takes is one vague text from Sherlock and Lestrade just drops everything to spring into action

Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin at Alpha Con


Dylan O’Brien for Best Villain

Tyler Hoechlin for Male Scene Stealer

Tyler Posey for Actor Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Teen Wolf for Best Show Sci-Fi/Fantasy


These are the Doctor Who shoes I painted! Inspired by the 11th Doctor and the 10th Doctor.

I made them to wear for my birthday, which is the day before Season 8 starts. They’re my party shoes for the day of, too!

james kimberly griffith
1979 - 2010
accidental death by drowning

@shelleyhennig: My drive-thru daquiris has convinced me to twitter for the first time. I guess alcohol makes every “first” a little easier ;) Happy Easter!